Woodworkers Local Lodge W12 

Official website of the Woodworkers Local Lodge W12/IAM. We are part of the IAM District W24. Please visit the News page for up-to-date information on important news and events within our Local Lodge.

The IAM’s mission is Service to the Community and Justice on the Job. Justice on the Job starts with organizing a union. We believe that all people from all types of work deserve the right to have union representation on the job!

You have the legal right under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act to join or support a union and to:

• Attend meetings to discuss joining a union.

• Read, distribute, and discuss union literature (as long as you do this in non-work areas during non-work times, such as during breaks or lunch hours.)

• Wear union buttons, T-shirts, stickers, hats, or other items on the job.

• Sign a card asking your employer to recognize and bargain with the union.

• Sign petitions or file grievances related to wages, hours, working conditions, and other job issues.

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