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IAMAW District W24 Local Lodge W12

Local Lodge 3-12 was originally an (IWA) International Woodworkers of America local, as part of region 3, in 1994 the IWA merged with the (IAM) International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. At that time IAM local 1947 and IWA local 3-12 was also merged, this forming IAM Woodworkers Local Lodge W12.

The current union hall was built in 1963 by the membership, before that the local had a hall in Main Street in Klamath Falls.

W12 consists of several units in Oregon and California, Collins Products, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing in Klamath Falls, Roseburg Forest Products in Weed, CA and Endeavor Homes in Oroville , CA

Local Lodge W12 currently has 295 members and 30 active retirees.

Office Hours MWF 8am-12pm and TTH 1pm- 5pm


DEMARIS, MARTY, Title: DISTRICT B/R Email:amartydem@aol.com” Phone:(541)274-1066

HARSCH, EVERETT, Title: PRESIDENT Email:oreelkhunt@aol.com” Phone:(541)884-8106

KOLTZE, JAMES M, Title: VICE PRESIDENT, Email: w12iam@aol.com Phone: (541)884-8106

WHITE, STEPHANIE M, Title: RECORDING SECRETARY Email:whitestephanie123@yahoo.com”  Phone:(541)884-8106

SEXTON, THERESA A, Title: SECRETARY TREASURER, Email: sextontbr@yahoo.com” Phone:(541)281-9122

JUSTMAN, KYLE, LOCAL COMMUNICATOR, Email: w12iam@aol.com”  Phone: (541)884-8106

SEXTON, THERESA A, LOCAL EDUCATOR, Email: w12iam@aol.com Phone: (541)884-8106 

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